Monday, May 22, 2006

Segafredo Zanetti

Named after one of the three famous italian coffee brands (Lavazza and Illy are the other two). It has a small cafe feel but it thinks bigger than its floor space - there's a deliberate pan-mediterranean vibe. Italian writing on the walls, spanish music, the names of european capitals printed along the bar and a Lebanese manager.

The coffee's fairly average, quite weak, and the cup's so wide there isn't much space left for liquid. There's free wifi if you spend more than £3 - annoying because most drinks are £2-£2.50. Great location half way down Baker Street - away from the fast food joints of the north, and the tourist-hell of Oxford Street to the south.

Inside it's calm, away from the hassle of Baker Street, echoing the feel of nearby Marylebone High Street more than it's poorer neighbour.

Baker Street, NW1